The past is knocking

Realizing so much

The friend I had made was a snake

A manipulator

I gave him my mind blindly and he used that to his advantage

It almost cost me everything I’m glad I snapped out of it when I did and cut all ties.

But what’s dead has come back to haunt.

This whole time I only blamed myself and hated myself for it.

Now I see I wasn’t the only one at fault

A friend doesn’t take advantage of a situation or advantage of you when you’re in a bad state of mind.

I hope this is the last of it and this passes by quick

My love and I have grown so much from this and won’t let anyone or anything destroy it.

We will not be defeated.


Back again

So much has happened since I last blogged.

My love and I finally tied the knot and I couldnt be happier about it. He honestly is my soul mate and has helped me grow in so many ways.



I couldnt imagine life without my little family.

I also got back into school which is great. I’m doing so much better this time around, I’m actually getting good grades.

My anxiety has been getting to me and I think it has a lot to do with me skipping yoga. I used to do it daily and now it’s more like once a week, some people need medication I really feel like I need yoga.



No release

I broke yesterday

The sadness was overwhelming

I haven’t let the thoughts get to me like that for a while now

I wish I didn’t do it

It will be the last time I don’t want my love thinking it’s an ok way to cope because it’s not.

For the first time I really regretted it even though the initial slice felt good the feeling after was of shame and guilt no release.

New plan

Registered for school again but this time I have an actual plan and I put a lot of thought into what I want to do. Hoping for summer classes but have to ask the academic adviser first if not then definitely in fall.

I’m very nervous but confident with the field I chose. The classes are intimidating but I’m so excited to take them.

This is bad 

I felt the bad news before I heard it 

I don’t know how but I did 

My stomach was knotted up and I kept getting the feeling that something horrible was going to happen.

Things won’t ever be the same after this 

This is a huge accusation

If it is true then action must be taken but for all party’s

If one does time so must the other 

Both sides must lose 

Bye bye FB 

I’ve decided to get rid of my Facebook for a while. All it does is cause drama and anxiety so it’s the best decision for now.

Going to try to go for a week then if I’ve noticed a major difference I’ll keep it deactived. 

Just breathe 

Anxiety please go away there is no need for you to stay

You should have passed now

Why are you still here?

My head hurts and so does my chest 

I want to cry but can’t 

I’d just curl up into a ball but then it gets worse 

Same thoughts racing and some new ones joining 

Im just a 





I try not to be I really do but I can’t succeed no matter how hard I try 

Why do I have to be me?

I’m drowning in these thoughts

I’m floating away 

Not here anymore not a part of this world
At least it felt that way now I’m coming back down 
There’s a faint whisper 

“You’re ok don’t float away”

That part of me has gotten stronger

I never gave it strength before 

Writing this all out honestly calmed me down

Usually I hide and cry this time I just typed it out. 

My heart isn’t pounding as fast anymore and the lump in my throat is gone

I will have control over this one day