The other day I hid under my table and cried. Its felt good to hide away and let the pain flow out, Im truly alone with my demons. I’ve always been one to be completely open about my feelings but with these feelings and they way my friends and family have been acting I can’t be that way.

Depression is a killer and its been increasing I cant help it and Im alone with all these emotions… lets see how long it takes for me to snap.


Update Nicht ser gut

af4bba91-4ec0-4578-809f-fb4be28b2199Things were good but then went back to gloomy and now Im stuck in this depressed funk. I’m going back to wanting to sleep all the time, thank goodness for Mary Jane or Id be worse but still.

It’s my demons they’re getting restless especially one in particular. This one in particular is a scary one, I thought I killed it off a long time ago; guess not. 

The only thing I can honestly say is good is that I am working out again so hopefully I can get back to my pre prego weight.