Melancholy Doll

The darkest part of my mind


December 2016


So Ive started doing yoga and its been helping so much. I was sad at first discouraging myself but the results are showing and that was the boost I needed. 

There’s  also a side project with this, it involves pictures. They’ll be my progress pics. 

Ive already taken the first one it will be posted soon.



There’s progress in many areas 
Body: Im keeping on my excersizes, started yoga, eating less, and drinking water.

 Need to eat better 

Relationships: Better interactions between my love ones and I

 Need to go to my mom’s house more

 Need to be a better mom

Mind: opening my mind more and learning new languages. 

 Need to quit being so irrational 

There much more progress to be made but I feel like Im on a good path that way.

I won’t go down easy Im ready for these battles.

Old habits die hard

Its been up and down since I last posted. Then again when are things not up or down? I guess it’s weirder because of everything recently, I see things differently.

A part of me loves it and wants to nurture this but the other part fights it.

I feel more torn than ever. 


It’s been a while since Ive been on.
I fell into a funk

Wandered off trial 

But I’m back at it 

This phoenix is rising from the ashes 

Seeing more with my eye and less with my eyes.

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