Melancholy Doll

The darkest part of my mind


January 2017

Wandering mind

My mind has been drifting so much recently

Ive always been like this 

Not all there 

But not like this

Daydreaming of fire 


The point of no return 

It sucks that we’ve hit this point 

Things were supposed to be different 

This love was supposed to be different 

But it’s looking like the same the shit just a different toilet.

Don’t know where to go from here just wait to see how things go till the lease is up.

It really was beautiful at one point

Been doing good 
Today was weird but that’s ok 

Need to watch myself more but lesson learned 

Caught myself 

Just felt the need to type it all down.


Tomorrow I will be going to my moms house for dinner. Its been two weeks since my first pic and feel like its a good time to take my second one.

Ive lost at least a pound and am really proud of it.

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