I knew I had bad anxiety but I never knew it was this bad.

I’ve noticed it little by little but thought it wasnt so bad, not as bad as most. It also only goes up when Im interacting with people I start to get all jittery after like 2 minutes of talking.

Today I had an anxiety attack and didnt realized till it passed. It took a headache, nausea, and a sense of detachment to see it. This happens quite often but I dont realize it I just add on to it and chalk it up to being unhealthy and mentally unstable. 

It would explain my chest pains as well. 

Pretty sure it is Social anxiety disorder thats usually when it starts up. Going to look more into it though and other mental disorders. 

In high school I was diagnosed with anxiety, depression, and paranoia. Wish I would of worked on it then instead of constantly self-harming myself mentally and physically. 

Now it’s all mental self-harm but Im determined to work through this though and any other disorders damn it.