Just breathe 

Anxiety please go away there is no need for you to stay

You should have passed now

Why are you still here?

My head hurts and so does my chest 

I want to cry but can’t 

I’d just curl up into a ball but then it gets worse 

Same thoughts racing and some new ones joining 

Im just a 





I try not to be I really do but I can’t succeed no matter how hard I try 

Why do I have to be me?

I’m drowning in these thoughts

I’m floating away 

Not here anymore not a part of this world
At least it felt that way now I’m coming back down 
There’s a faint whisper 

“You’re ok don’t float away”

That part of me has gotten stronger

I never gave it strength before 

Writing this all out honestly calmed me down

Usually I hide and cry this time I just typed it out. 

My heart isn’t pounding as fast anymore and the lump in my throat is gone

I will have control over this one day 



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