Melancholy Doll

The darkest part of my mind


There’s progress in many areas 
Body: Im keeping on my excersizes, started yoga, eating less, and drinking water.

 Need to eat better 

Relationships: Better interactions between my love ones and I

 Need to go to my mom’s house more

 Need to be a better mom

Mind: opening my mind more and learning new languages. 

 Need to quit being so irrational 

There much more progress to be made but I feel like Im on a good path that way.

I won’t go down easy Im ready for these battles.


Old habits die hard

Its been up and down since I last posted. Then again when are things not up or down? I guess it’s weirder because of everything recently, I see things differently.

A part of me loves it and wants to nurture this but the other part fights it.

I feel more torn than ever. 


It’s been a while since Ive been on.
I fell into a funk

Wandered off trial 

But I’m back at it 

This phoenix is rising from the ashes 

Seeing more with my eye and less with my eyes.

3 Days 3 Quotes – Day 1

Id like to thank Linking ink for nominating me. I know its a little late but I’m still really excited to do it. A lot of thought has been put into it over the past couple days.

The rules are

  • Thank the person who nominated you
  • Post quotes for 3 consecutive days
  • Nominate 3 people each day (no repeats) 

Here we go (:  

“Cogito ergo sum”

                            -René Descartes

I have chosen this quote and it alone for day 1. 

 This has had a huge impact on me. It will always represent the start of my journey, my hike up the mountain, the changing of my thought process, and my questioning everything.

My mind keeps growing and for this I am truly thankful. 

I am definitely going to get a tattoo of this quote on me because of all this.



Not over 

It may seem like the journey is over

Like I’ve given up

Thats far from true

I will keep pushing forward

There’s no going back

Not till Ive looked upon my city

The clouds

Extra gloomy clouds have rolled in and its been sprinkling.

A storm is approaching

I wont lie a part of me wants to run back to the city

Abort mission 

Drop basket 

But I cant so Ill stay in this cave a little longer

My Candle wont burn out that easily.

Keep progressing and plan on continuing up. 


Ive always wished to be like water



To just flow

Instead I am like stone

Stiff and unmoving 

Or a tree

Rooted firmly in the ground 

I will learn to be like water

My love

I’ve never met someone as  Clumsy as my love.
He is the definition of it.

Countless pipes broken 

Bowls of food knocked over 

Drinks spilled 

Weed dropped

As  Clumsy as he is with everything 

Its my heart he’s gentle with. 


Promises I make I will keep.
Ill love you unconditionally 

I will fix what I have broken

Become wiser and stronger 

Mentally and physically  

To help in anyway 

To protect no matter what

My family has my heart 

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